If you have a problem with your iPhone devices, then the probability is more than that you will get problem determined quicker than you look forward to. Our customer support is the best platform for you to resolve your issues. We have the solutions to all your troubles associated iPhone and the other Apple products.

We are here if you seek the answers to all your problems related to iPhone device. Our support for Apple products is trustworthy, and the consequences are unbelievable which sanction you understand the diverse working situations. Now, let us talk about the frequently asked questions by the Apple customers.

Frequently Asked Questions By Apple Customers

FAQ-1 How to Update an iPhone App ?

You have two excellent ways to do this thing. The first way … Read more..

FAQ-2 How to Find an iPhone ID ?

  • On your computer, open your iTunes…..Read more..

FAQ-3 How to Create a New Account on Apple ?

Create an Apple ID is very easier when you set up a new iPhone device.. Read more

FAQ-4 How to Re-install an iPhone App If It Crashes ?

If an app you installed without warning, quit stops, not responding… Read more..

FAQ-5 How to Get Additional Help for iPhone ?

If you are having any issues with your iPhone device, then you can get.. Read more..

FAQ-6 How To the Replacement For the iPhone ?

You can avail your iPhone replacement service, just by submitting.. Read more..

FAQ-7 What Are the iPhone Support & Services We Offer ?

Learn more about iPhone service options, warranty, and pricing… Read more

FAQ-8  How Do I Contact Apple ?

You can Contact Apple support by Online Live Chat, Email or Phone.. Read more

FAQ-9  How Do You Contact Apple Customer Service ?

Contact Apple for support and service through various ways… Read more 

FAQ-10  How Do You Contact iTunes Store ?

More Ways to Get Help: Contact iTunes Customer Support.. Read more

FAQ-11 How Do I Call Apple?

Support & Contact for Apple Queries You Can Use More Ways.. Read more

FAQ-12 How Do I Contact Apple UK ?

For any kind of Apple related technical issues Read more

FAQ-13 How Do You Check Warranty on iPhone ?

How to check the status of your Warranty on iPhone.. Read more

FAQ-14 How Can I Check iPhone Serial Number ?

Easy Way to Find Your iPhone Device’s Serial Number… Read more

FAQ-15 How Do I Reset My Apple Password ?

Follow these steps which very helpful to reset Apple password when you forget.. Read more

FAQ-16 What is a Swap iPhone?

If you are an Apple iPhone user, then Apple’s iPhone swap policy is the best for you Read more

 FAQ-17  What is Apple Out of Warranty Service?

Apple’s service coverage system is great for Apple users which help to avoid problems. Read more

FAQ-18  What is the Apple Care ?

Most of the Apple devices come with a limited warranty and up to 90 days of complimentary telephone technical support. Read more

FAQ-19 How Can I Check iPhone Serial Number ?

If for some reason, you are asked for the serial number for your iPhone or iPad, then you can quickly find your device’s serial number. Read more

FAQ-20 How Do We Know the iPhone is Original or Duplicate ?

If you want to know that your phone is original or not! If yes, then there is a way to distinguish between the real and fake iPhone SE. Read more

FAQ-21 How Do You Know If your iPhone is Original ?

If you are buying an iPhone from the used market, a classified ad, or any other dealer that is not an Apple dealer… Read more

FAQ-22 How to Identify Your iPhone Model ?

Are you not sure which kind of iPhone you’ve got? Then don’t worry about it. Identifying the correct model of your iPhone is pretty easy. Read more

FAQ-23 What Model is My iPhone a1429 ?

The A1428 model iPhone 5 is the Canadian and US AT&T network GSM iPhone, including broad support for UMTS/HSPA+DC-HSDPA.. Read more

FAQ-24- What Kind of iPhone is a Model a1549 ?

A new generation of the iPhone has been officially available and it comes in two versions this time, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus there are three models of iPhone 6: A1549 (GSM), A1549 (CDMA), and A1586. Read more

FAQ-25 How to Find Out How Many GB My iPhone Is


The Apple iPhone 5 is a versatile smartphone with a maximum resolution is 640 by 1136 pixels and an 8MP camera capable of recording video. Read more

FAQ-26 How Do You Find Out the GB of Your iPhone 6?

It’s important to know about a device before you go ahead and buy it. If you have been wondering about how many GB is your iPhone 6… Read more

FAQ-27 How Do I Manage Space on My iPhone ?

If you require any kind of help to follow the above steps, then contact at iPhone Toll-Free Number anytime and connect with a team of iPhone customer support… Read more

FAQ-28 How to View What Is Taking Up Storage On Your iPad ?

It is quite easy for you to view what runs out of storage space on your in your iPad. Read more

FAQ-29 How Do I Check the Memory On My iPad ?

Checking iPad Memory Usage is an easy task.  To find out the current usage of your iPad or the other IOS device will be very helpful for you. Read more

FAQ-30 How Much RAM do i have ?

Are you thinking about upgrading your RAM on Mac! Then don’t worry about it , as it’s an easy task. Read more

FAQ-31 How Do I Connect to iTunes ?

If you want to know that how to Connect to iTunes screen after you restarts, then you need to reinstall IOS… Read more

FAQ-32 How to Create a New Apple ID on Your iPhone or iPad in IOS 10.2 and Earlier ?

Every IOS and MacOS device must have an Apple ID associated with it. As, an Apple ID is the account you use to access Apple services like the App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage, FaceTime, and more. Read more

FAQ- 33 How to Deactivate/Delete Apple ID ?

 Do you want to delete your Apple ID on Mac? You have created an Apple ID account and have access iTunes, App Store or iCloud account. Read more

FAQ-34 What Do I Do When My iPad is Disabled and It Says Connect to iTunes?

IPads have a relatively easy to use, but extremely secure, password system built into them. If you entered the wrong password too many times and now the ipad is blocked.. Read more

FAQ-35 How Do I Get My iPod to Connect to iTunes ?

If you want to connect your iPod device to your computer with a USB cable and iTunes doesn’t recognize your iPod, then don’t frustrate or panic! You can easily do it. Read more

FAQ-36 Can You Change your Apple ID Email Address ?

Need to change the email address associated with the Apple ID, because it was hacked, at the duration of set it up with an embarrassing email or it was set up with a .edu email address or business email address that is no longer accessible. Read more

FAQ-37 How Do I Find My Username and Password For iCloud ?

Finding Username and Password for iCloud is a not difficult task, after forgetting the login and password to an Apple ID. Read more

FAQ-38 How Do You Reset an iPhone with a Passcode?

If you forgot your passcode, or if a message says that your device is disabled. Read more

FAQ-39 How Do I Hook Up a New iPod to My iTunes?

Along with iTunes, you can sync your music, movies, TV shows, photos and more. Read more

FAQ-40 How to Create a New Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad or iPod?

Create a new Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad or iPod in iOS 10.2 and earlier is very easy process. Read more

FAQ-41 How To Change Your Apple ID Email Address ?

Changing Apple ID Email Address for users is a not difficult task. So, if you have same issue, then don’t worry about it. Read more

FAQ-42 How to Change the Email Address Associated With Your Apple ID ?

Is It Possible to Change Apple ID Email Address? It is highly suggested By Apple Support Team that you connect an active, valid email address to Apple ID. Read more

FAQ-43 How Do You Unlock a Disabled iPad

If you have forgotten the passcode of your iPad device, which you created a month ago? Read more

FAQ-44 How Can You Change your iCloud Email Address ?

If you wish to change the iCloud email address associated with the Apple ID, because it was hacked, or some business reason.. Read more